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Tom Yum Gai

Tom Yum Gai! Newest addition on this next menu!!! It’s like Tom yum.. With a touch of coconut milk!! Delicious!! !

Here is another update…

We will be coming out with a new menu (hopefully by the end of this month) *WINK* Nothing too exciting, a lot of the old stuff will still be on, but have to tweek a couple of items. Prices will change a little…not too much so don’t freak out! We just have to update the […]

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Thank you :-)

Thanks to the wonderful Jeff and Marta for the yummy chicorones! Wonderful family that has helped support our restaurant for the longest time! God bless you!:)

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Papaya!!!! Laos style!! Killer bomb spicy!! 🙂

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Open Door Mission –

Thank you so much to Open Door Mission for inviting us to this worthy event!


Thank you everyone for a wonderful year…we were only able to do it because of you, our faithful and wonderful customers! We wish everyone a wonderful and happy new year…blessings to all in this new year! See you soon..